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Many car owners are unaware of the condition of their car air conditioning. Car Air conditioning may require a fuel recharge after a few years. Therefore, it is important that the car owners frequently check the air conditioning for any gas leakages. We at Walthamstow Central Garage provide air conditioning recharge services for damage that the system may have sustained


Same day Instant booking please call 020 7118 6591

Same Day Instant Booking

020 7118 6591

Please Note: Repairs such as leaks and failed components are not included in the cost of the regas/service and will need to be repaired separately. Your technician will be able to advise you on any repairs needed, before work is carried out.

In most cases and in the first instance we will always regas/service the air con system and add a dye. You take the car back and drive it around as normal. If there is a drop in cool air or your system stops working, we will ask you to bring the car back, and inspect where the fault may lie. Once the leak or fault has been established this repair will be quoted and if you agree for the work to be carried out we will do this. The system is regassed for FREE.

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